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About Us

A Fresh Family Tradition

Pasta Fresca Niagara Inc. has been serving delicious home-cooked meals to families and friends for over 25 years Whether it’s picking up prepared foods such as lasagna to enjoy with your family at home, grabbing a take-out pizza, or catering a big family event, great food is guaranteed when Pasta Fresca Niagara Inc. is involved.

When Only the Freshest Will Do

These days, we want to eat healthier, and that starts by knowing what goes into your food. Preservatives may make food last longer in the fridge, however eating fresh eliminates these preservatives, helping you maintain a healthier diet. Everything prepared at Pasta Fresca Niagara Inc. is made fresh that day. Using handpicked, quality ingredients, and recipes that have been passed through the Pasta Fresca Niagara Inc. family. Choose us for a healthy and wholesome alternative.

Catering Your Events

At Pasta Fresca Niagara Inc. we cater to your needs. Whether it’s a family reunion or anniversary celebration, at Pasta Fresca Niagara Inc. we believe every event deserves delicious food. After all, most people remember the food first. Pasta Fresca Niagara Inc. offers a diverse menu for catered functions. Let us customize a menu for your next event!

Fresh Vegetables